Sixth Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" Belgrade 2007

From October 10th to 12th, the Serbian Ministry for Environmental Protection will host the Sixth Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe 2007". 

The Conference, to take place in Belgrade, is the biggest and most important international event to be staged in Serbia in 2007. This event will see the Serbian capital host at least 56 delegations from the UNECE region (including Canada and the U.S.) and other member states of the UN, international organisations, around 200 participants from international NGOs, 40 participants from the Serbian non-governmental sector, and a number of domestic and foreign journalists, who will report from this event. 

Some of the guest-state delegations will be headed by respective ministers while, for the first time in the history of this event, ministers of education of UNECE countries will join the delegates of this Conference.

The ultimate goal of the conference is to achieve adoption of a Joint Ministerial Declaration. During the conference, participants will debate three different categories of documentation and two ministerial statements, which will be adopted during the course of the conference – these are the 'Statement of the Ministers of Environmental Protection and Education about Sustainable Development', and the 'Belgrade Statement on Biodiversity'.

The participants will adopt one more document, which is of great importance for Serbia and represents the first step towards the establishment of the Regional Centre for Coverage of Climate Change in the SEE region.

Conferences, such as this one in Belgrade, have proved to be significant vehicles in the adoption of important decisions that have led to the improvement and preservation of the environment in Europe.

The ministry would like to invite all interested media to cover this event by accrediting all members of their staff on the following website Appropriate media registration forms can be found in the section entitled 'Information for Media'.

The registration process will last until August 31st 2007. We would appreciate it if you could pass this information on to your headquarters.

For all information, please contact Katarina Stefanovic, PR in the Serbian Ministry for Environmental Protection, phone: +381113133370, e-mail:

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