Projects and innovations

Ideas take us forward

Serbia is building an economy based on science and innovation and larger investments in scientific research and development. Young scientists are enabled to stay in the country, and sustainable and dynamic country growth is provided by intensive connection of science and economy.

The field of innovation and technological development includes all the activities aimed at applying scientific knowledge, technical and technological skills and invention with the purpose of creating and realising new products, processes, and services, improved in relation to the existing technical technological basis.


The objective is to attract more investment and to create a favourable environment for the development and promotion of innovation and innovative entrepreneurship so that Serbia could keep up with the world practice, which confirms a clear connection between investing in research one the one side and the development and growth of the economy, competitiveness and positive influence on social development on the other.


Through projects and innovations, those with an idea and vision are given the opportunity to actively participate in the realization of an idea in the importance of which they believe.