The Future is Now

With the Fourth Industrial, i.e. Digital Revolution, we have a chance to make up for lagging behind and catch up with more developed countries. This technological revolution will fundamentally change our lives, it is inevitable and unstoppable. Only winning societies choose to welcome changes, they do not averse from them. The Serbian Government believes that Serbia is ready to lead the entire region in changes that will follow and creation of new possibilities for all. The digitization process will enhance the standard and quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Serbian citizens. Efficiency will be increased, costs will be reduced and new value will be created in almost all areas of life and work. The digitization process is the most important catalyst of innovations, competitiveness and growth.

The "Baby, Welcome To The World" project makes it easier for parents of newborns to register their child's birth, place of residence, health insurance and submit a request for parental allowance while still at maternity wards. The application is quick, simple and free, and allows the elimination of unnecessary paperwork. Documents arrive at home address. The whole process enables parents to spend the first days of their baby's life with it, and not at counters.


The "Baby, Welcome To The World" information system began operating in April 2016, with the aim of enabling parents to complete administrative tasks in 15 minutes, completely free of charge and electronically, which previously required several visits to counters and payment of various fees.


More than 160,000 babies have been registered through this information system, and in more than 90 percent of the cases, parents have decided to use the "one-stop" service and successfully register their baby in the birth register, its residence and health insurance.


The new service for parental allowance applies only to the parental allowance paid from the state budget. Local governments have the right to introduce additional family allowances within their jurisdiction.


The "one-click" parental allowance service is also available in all local self-government units in Serbia starting from 1 January 2019.


This modern electronic service ranks Serbia among the few European countries that provide electronic services at such a high level.