Programmes of additional education

Job for the Future

In modern times, jobs also get modernized. People who are ready to look forward and change with the times have the most opportunities to succeed. In modern times, people with a vision prosper. We have a vision of Serbia as a country of the greatest opportunities for all of its citizens. Together we work not only to create opportunities, but also to know how to make full use of them.

Unemployed persons from the records of the National Employment Service have the opportunity to be included in the programs of additional education and training in order to acquire new knowledge, skills, competences, as well as acquire first work experience and get acquainted with the actual work environment. Additional education and training programs are created on the basis of an annual survey of employers' needs for personnel.


The additional education and training programs are mostly related to:


  • professional practice program;
  • trainee program for young people with higher education;
  • trainee program for unemployed with secondary education;
  • program for acquiring practical knowledge for unqualified persons, surplus employees and long-term unemployed persons;
  • training for the labour market;
  • training at the employer's request - for the unemployed;
  • training for the employer's need for an employee;
  • functional basic adult education;
  • specialist IT training