Free zones

Job for the Future

Work is getting modernized in modern times. The people who are ready to look into the future and to adapt to changes have the best prospects for success. Individuals with a vision thrive in a modern society. Ours is the vision of Serbia as a country of the best opportunities for all its citizens. Together we work not only to create opportunities but also to make full use of them.

Free zones represent special parts of the territory of the Republic of Serbia, fenced and equipped with infrastructure with special benefits and incentives provided by the State. They are an important instrument of economic policy aimed at achieving economic growth and development of the country through increased influx of investments, growth of exports and employment and transfer of state-of-the art technologies.


Owing to the institutional support, today there are 15 free zones in the Republic of Serbia evenly distributed from the north to the south and from the east to the west: FZ Subotica, FZ Pirot, FZ Zrenjanin, FZ Novi Sad, FAS FZ Kragujevac, FZ Šabac, FZ Užice, FZ Svilajnac, FZ Smederevo, FZ Kruševac, FZ Apatin, FZ Vranje, FZ Priboj, FZ Beograd and FZ Šumadija.


The investors use numerous advantages and benefits of doing business in a free zone regime.


Fiscal benefits include VAT exemption on goods entering the zone for its users, as well as on provision of import-related services, VAT exemption on transport of goods and services within the free zone and between the users of two different zones, as well as VAT exemption of production users on consumption of energy sources.


Customs benefits available to the users include exemption from customs taxes and other import levies for the goods to be used for conducting activities within the zone as well as construction of facilities in the free zone (intermediate goods, equipment, construction materials). The free zones are locations with special customs offices applying facilitated customs procedures.


The efficient administration in the free zone (one stop shop) enables the users of free zones to use a large number of additional services offered by the free zone management companies such as transport logistics, reloading, loading, shipping services, agency services, insurance and re-insurance, banking operations, etc.


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