Persons with disabilities

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Social benefits should help those whose income is below the established minimum, so that the provided financial assistance facilitates their life. In the manner, it is made possible for citizens who are facing difficulties to live with more dignity and awareness that the state looks after them and their needs.

Who are persons with disabilities?

According to the Law on Prevention of Discrimination: the term “persons with disabilities” refers to people with inherent or acquired physical, sensory, intellectual or emotional disability, who due to social or other obstructions, do not have the opportunities or have limited opportunities to join the social activities at the same level as other people, regardless of whether they can perform the said activities with the assistance of technical aids or support services.


Law on the Prevention of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities

The purpose of this Law is to:


  • prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities,
  • highlight the necessity of respecting human rights and dignity of persons with disabilities,
  • include the persons with disabilities into all spheres of social life on an equal basis,
  • include persons with disabilities into all processes in which decisions are made on their rights and obligations.


Laws regulating rights of persons with disabilities


Watch the documentary Ništa o nama bez nas (Nothing about Us without Us) which is a result of collaboration of the National Organization of Persons with Disabilities of Serbia (NOPD) and the Ministry of Labour, Veteran and Social Affairs.