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To meet a country means to feel its spirit, to know its hidden landscapes and individuals who have made what it is. Meeting a country is similar to meeting a man who will become your friend with time.
Travelling with friends is the most pleasant and the most amazing images are shared. Join our numerous friends who have already discovered why Serbia is irresistible. We hope that you will maybe come to love our country as much as we do.

Official name: Republic of Serbia

Geographical position: Central and Southeastern Europe, Balkan Peninsula

Location (according to Greenwich), between 41° 53' and 46° 11' of north latitude and 18° 49' and 23° 00' of east longitude

Territory: 88,499 km2

Time zone: Central European, CET (GMT +1 hour)

Clime: moderate continental

Population: 6,647,003 (excluding the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija)

Autonomous Provinces: AP Vojvodina and AP Kosovo and Metohija

Capital: Belgrade 1,681,405 citizens

Longest river: The Danube (international river, 588 km through Serbia), the Velika Morava (with its tributary Zapadna Morava, 493 km)

Highest peak: Đeravica (2,656 m, Prokletije Mountain)

Bordering countries: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia

Religion: 81.1% Orthodox Christians, 3.9% Roman Catholic, 4.2% Muslims, 10.8% other religions, those who did not declare themselves, or for whom no data was collected

National holiday: 15 February - Serbian Statehood Day

Currency: Serbian dinar