Information concerning the submitting of Declaration by the Law on Restitution and the Recording of Deprived Property


1. The Law on Restitution and the Recording of Deprived Property (“The Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” No. 45/05 – hereinafter referred to as “Law”) is in force as of June 8, 2005.

2. We hereby inform all earlier owners or their successors or legal representatives who have been deprived of their property on the territory of the Republic of Serbia without receiving any market value compensation or compensatory damages, that by enforcing the regulations and acts on nationalisation, agrarian reform, confiscation, sequestration, expropriation and other laws passed and enforced after March 9, 1945, they have a legal deadline until June 30, 2006 to submit Declarations of deprived property (hereinafter referred to as “Declaration”).

3. Declaration cannot be submitted by previous owners, their successors or legal representatives who have the right to be compensated for their deprived property according to the Law or an international agreement or treaty, on the expense of a foreign state.

4. Declaration is filled in and submitted by natural persons mentioned in point 2 of this Information.

5. Declarations are submitted to the Serbian Directorate for property (hereinafter referred to as “Directorate”), in two copies (in the form of hard copies), in person or by registered post, exclusively on POI Form, which is printed with this Law and incorporated in it, along with the necessary documentation, prescribed by the Law.

6. Documentation mentioned in point 5 of this Information includes:
1) A copy of the Act on depriving of property or other material evidence to show the data about deprived property and the legal basis of the deprivation act. 
2) Evidence of the legal status of the person submitting the Declaration, if he/she is not the earlier owner, (act of inheritance, or other proof of relation with the earlier owner or evidence of relation with the deceased earlier owner of property).
3) Other documents and data which the person submitting the Declaration finds are of importance for his/her identification of deprived Property.

7. All information concerning the POI Form can be obtained by phone from the “The Official Gazette of Serbia-Montenegro” which has taken upon itself to organise the printing and distribution of the form: 011/ 3060-374 or 011/3060-375.

8. Bearing in mind that the deprived property must be declared by June 30, 2006 at the latest, which is a prerequisite for submitting the claims for restitution of deprived property or compensation for it in line with a special Law, persons who fail to meet the above-stated deadline will lose the right to submit such claims. 

Milan Tomic