She was born in 1976 in Belgrade. She completed the primary and secondary school, as well as undergraduate studies in economics, in Belgrade.

She started working in 2003 in a private foreign trade company in the finance sector. After that, in 2005, she passed to the banking sector, where she spent 10 years in a company for the purchase of short-term claims at NLB Bank.

Tanaskovic joined the Belgrade City Administration in 2017, as the City Secretary for Finance, and in June 2018 she became the State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance in charge of the Budget Sector, Sector for Macroeconomic and Fiscal Analysis and Projections, Sector for the Financial System, Sector for Control of Public Assets and the Sector for Fiscal Risks, as well as the Treasury Administration, Public Debt Administration and the Tax Administration.

In 2020, she was appointed member of the supervisory board of "Dunav osiguranje" insurance company in charge of finances, as well as state secretary in the Ministry of Environmental Protection in charge of capital projects, finances and international cooperation. She was also the coordinator for Cluster 4 of Chapter 27 - Green Agenda and Sustainable Connectivity.

She is married and a mother of two.

Jelena Tanaskovic