He was born in Belgrade on 20 April 1972. He is a historian, translator, screenwriter and one of the leading experts in the field of integral protection and management of cultural heritage.

He performed the duties of manager of the National Library of Serbia, director of the Museum of Genocide Victims, State Secretary for Culture and other.

He deals with diplomatic history, the Holocaust, the relationship between the state and traditional religious communities in the 20th century, cultural history and the culture of memory.

He is the author of several dozen scientific papers and books, most notably the scientific monograph entitled "House of Unburnable Words: National Library of Serbia 1838-1941".

He is a participant in numerous international professional and scientific meetings. He attended specialised education in Jerusalem and London in the field of public administration and Holocaust research, as a scholarship holder of the British and Israeli governments.

He is the co-author of the National exhibition of the Republic of Serbia "Military memorials and places of suffering from the Second World War", as well as the exhibitions "Peter the First Karađorđević, King and Warrior" and "Remember me because I am gone".

He is the initiator of several projects realised under the auspices of UNESCO, as well as the initiator, coordinator or expert consultant in the realization of dozens of national and international scientific gatherings and exhibitions.

During his work at the National Library of Serbia, he devoted special attention to the protection and enrichment of the national fund, professional work, publishing activity, as well as the improvement of international library cooperation.

He established the model of the national library as a multifunctional cultural institution and the National Book Day, established the National Award in the field of librarianship by Janko Šafarik and established the Foundation of the National Library of Serbia.

Since May 2021, he has been at the head of the Museum of Victims. As part of his duties as director of this museum, he carried out a complete reorganisation of that national cultural institution.

In late January 2022, he also founded the Foundation of the Museum of Genocide Victims, whose main goal and task is to provide continuous material and logistical support in the implementation of the programmes of this institution.

He is the editor-in-chief of the books that have received prestigious national and international awards.

He is the recipient of numerous plaques, certificates of appreciation and recognitions.

Dejan Ristić