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Digitalization, improvement of IT sector chances for leading position of Serbia

Belgrade, 27 Dec 2017 – Prime Minister Ana Brnabic presided over the second session of the Council for Innovative Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, where the Plan of Priority Activities for the Improvement of IT Sector in Serbia for 2018 was adopted.

Members of the Council discussed a report on the activities that were completed during this year. Among the results achieved, the increase in enrollment quotas in IT courses in faculties is more than 20%, the expansion of the spatial capacities of the largest IT faculties, and the initiation of the construction of innovation infrastructure in Nis, Novi Sad and Belgrade.

The Prime Minister said that in 2016 and 2017 the IT sector will continue with strong growth.

Our goal is to continue to work together to improve the ICT sector next year, which already participates in the GDP of Serbia with more than five percent and is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy, pointed out Brnabic.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Serbia already has excellent examples and recognizable names in the application of IT technology.

Novi Sad institute BioSens is the leader in the field of agricultural technology development, while many Serbian companies are world leaders in their fields, she said, adding that new technologies, such as the blockchain, are especially important, having in mind that Serbia is among the top five countries to develop this technology in the world.

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