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Serbian Government for Kosovo and Metohija (2004)

The Serbian government launches this website with the aim of reminding the foreign public once more of the gravity of situation of human rights facing Serbian and other non-Albanian populations in Kosovo-Metohija.

With the arrival of international forces and the establishment of institutions of international administration in the southern Serbian province on June 10, 1999, the problem of Kosovo-Metohija has not been solved. In the past eight years, the remaining Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanian ethnic communities have been forced from their homes while at the same time suffering the destruction of the property, graves and cultural heritage (churches and monasteries) that are symbols of the centuries-old presence of the Serbian people in this territory.

The violence spurred by ethnic Albanian extremists and ethnic cleansing of the Serb population on March 17 and 18, 2004, have shown once again that the existing provincial institutions, as well as the institutions of the international administration in Kosovo-Metohija, have failed to complete their mission and have not secured a real functioning and existence of a multi-cultural society in the province.

On this page, apart from information on the situation in which Serbs and other non-Albanians in Kosovo-Metohija live and the Serbian government’s efforts to resolve problems in the province, visitors will also be able to view a number of documents and evidence that are not available in other media ,as well as a documentary on endangered human rights in Kosovo-Metohija.

ON THE VIDEO: Destruction of the Church of the Holy Apostle Andrej in Podujevo (March 18, 2004)


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