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Brnabic attends US President’s traditional reception

Belgrade/New York, 25 Sept 2018 – Prime Minister Ana Brnabic attended last night in New York a traditional reception organised by US President Donald Trump on the eve of the UN General Assembly session. | more »
Serbia second European country to have establish State Oracle Cloud

Belgrade, 25 Sept 2018 – The Office for IT and eGovernment of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Oracle Corporation have, through certified partners, signed a State agreement on the procurement of hardware and licences that will enable the state administration to integrate, centralise and consolidate databases and software products on which some of the most important records in Serbia are based - register of citizens, IDs, address data, system for unification and data exchange within state bodies, and many other. | more »
United States encourages continuation of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

Belgrade/New York, 24 Sept 2018 – Prime Minister Ana Brnabic began today a visit to New York by meeting with Senator Ron Johnson, Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and of the Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation. | more »
Bill on personal data protection adopted

Belgrade, 24 Sept 2018 – The Serbian government adopted today the Bill on personal data protection, which aims to improve international data exchange and personal data protection, as well as to harmonise domestic legislation with new EU regulations in this area. | more »
Official talks with IMF Mission commence

Belgrade, 24 Sept 2018 – The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) announced that the official plenary meeting held today in the NBS marked the commencement of official talks between the representatives of the Republic of Serbia and the IMF Mission in connection with the first discussion of the results of the new macroeconomic and structural reforms, supported by the PCI-Policy Coordination Instrument. | more »
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